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Jul 05, 2012 at 08:31 AM

Does Cell restriction work with Hierarchy drill up and drill down?


Hi Experts,

I need to create a BEx as per below requirements:

1. Revenue restricted on specific Account no in rows (in structure)

2. Cost of Sales restricted on specific Account no in rows (in structure)

3. GM is formula (Revenue - Cost of Sales) in rows (in structure)

4. Actual (Amount)(Act) restricted on Monthly values in columns

5. Budget (Amount) (Bud)restricted on Monthl values in columns

6. Variance Budget (vBud) = Actual - Budget in columns

7. % variance = IF Bud < 0, then -(v Bud)/Bud

Else IF (vBud = 0) then 'Blank'

Else IF (Bud = 0) then 'Blank'

Else vBud/Bud




Hence I am having two structures in my BEx.

My question is if I use Account Hierarchy restricted on particula range of accounts along with above mentioned cell restriction

will the cell restriction work when I drill up and down the hierarchy?

because if it does it will save me the hassle of restricting individual account nos as the hierarchy has 4/6 levels of details in rows .

Please provide pointers.

Thanks in advance,