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Jul 05, 2012 at 07:27 AM

Security issue to connect to sAP marketplace...



I have few concerns and questions in regards to RSC component.

1. Is it absolute necessary to have Internet connection for the Managing Agent to the SAP market place to send back our BOE systems statistics for further analysis by SAP and to generate EWA Reports ?

I think its a matter of an security issue to have a connection open from our servers to an open world.

2. Is there not any way we can bypass this connection and instead we manually send these files as a means of upload on to the SAP marketplace.

3. What other way can we view the results of how our BOE system is behaving and how the associated services like RAS and CMS are behaving together ?

I saw a video where it said that RSC statistics can be viewed by INFOVIEW, so does that mean that when we deploy the RSC application it will by default create reports under a new section under INFOVIEW ?? I mean how does that work AND

What is the difference between viewing reports locally through INFOVIEW and those reports generated by SAP marketplace by the name of EarlyWatchAlerts??

Can anyone sort out the differences in here and lay some facts around it.

I have gone through the Installation guide but still there are lot of missing parts and process on how exactly all this works together.

I am sure there would be other customers who would be on the same boat as us with regards to sending stats about our system over internet to SAP. How do we know its not gonna be used for any other reason and what the underlying code does in terms of gathering information.

If we can view the reports and root cause analysis through the reports generated by INFOVIEW locally then why do we need to send data to marketplace ?

Thanks and Regards