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Jul 05, 2012 at 05:34 AM

Why i am getting font in small size?



I have developed a classical / stnadard report program, user is seeing the data on the screen, it has good visibility and readability, well.

But, when user is taking print out of that classical/ standard report (by going to MENU and there user is selecting the PRINTI option), the font is coming very very small in size, so the total output size is placed on 3/4th page and the reast part of 1/4 page is left as blank!

Users want to have the report text/data accommidated on the total page with a good size font/text for easy readibilty

Pls. let me know why the font is coming very small and even though there is space (1/4 part of page) is available on the page, why the printer is not utilizing it so that the font will come good in size, why its shrinking to 3/4th page?

PLs. let me know how can increase the font size in the papaer print out report?

I tried with LINE-SIZE as 132, 160, 255, 1032, but notnhnig is working!

Tha k you