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Jul 04, 2012 at 09:06 PM

Replacing one physical server with 3 VMs keeping hostname the same


Hello all,

ECC6.0 / BASIS release 7.01 / Oracle 11.2 / SUSE-Linux.

We need to replace a current physical server which runs 3 SAP instances (CI + 2 dialog) and would like to replace this with 3 VMs to eliminate the current server being a single point-of-failure.

A complicating factor is that we need to retain the name of the current server on one of the 3 new servers, as a number of interface files are imported into our system from this host, and the server name is hard-coded in a number of programs.

Our broad plan is as follows:

- create 3 new VMs with 3 new hostnames. One of these, on which we will install the new CI, will be renamed later to be the same as the current host.

- install 2 new dialog instances and connect them to the existing CI to prove they work OK.

now comes the bit we are not sure of in terms of whether this is the correct way of going about things......

- stop SAP system.

- create a new CI on the 3rd VM which currently has a different name to the current host.

- change DNS so that the name for the current CI server now points to the ip address of the new server. Rename this server to be the same as the current.

- connect the 2 new dialog instnaces to the new CI

- adjust profiles to reflect new hostname etc....

Does anyone have experience with such a scenario or can point out any obvious problems with our proposed plan?