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Jul 04, 2012 at 10:44 AM

write ( list width)


Hello ,

I need to repair an old report adding new column on the list I met a problem when I wanted to display new column after the last one on the list .

When I write in the same line like the other fields the column name and the values in table are not displayed .

I was able to display the values and name of the colon only in second row - with addition to write /120.

I would like to have them on the same line with the others. Seams like list width is limited but i do not know how and where . On the screen there is plenty of room for other colons.



columns titles

write : / 'Réception', ' Matnr', ' Short description ',
' mvt date', ' mvt', 'Kost', 'nat.frais',
' ', 'valeur', ' ', 'quantité', ' ', 'OT', /120 'Work Center'.

Data in rows

write : / tabmseg3-wempf,
tabmseg3-matnr+12(6), tabmseg3-maktx(29), tabmseg3-budat,
tabmseg3-bwart, tabmseg3-kostl(4), tabmseg3-sakto,
tabmseg3-dmbtr currency t001-waers,
tabmseg3-erfmg, tabmseg3-erfme, tabmseg3-aufnr, /120 tabmseg3-vaplz.