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Jul 04, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Export to PDF -cr8.5 -DEsinger versus runtime


We have a very interesting problem. We are using CR 8.5 (Sp3), and we have a report which load images from DB (SQL server db). The report-export to PDF does not work in runtime if you have in the same page 2 different records (it does work if you have for each record a dedicated page -so one record per page and the export works). From designer it does work in all cases. Looking further we found out that the designer calls the ExportModeller.dll and the CRXF_PDF.dll, BUT from runtime the export calls only the ExportModeller.dll. Also if i change the paper size in the design (and use a paper which will fit only one record per page), will also work. Last if i select records with out images the report will work properly. So the problem is the load of the images in the same page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE -there are 2 subreports that loads the images in the detail section

Can you tell me if i can make that work in runtime?