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Jul 04, 2012 at 08:31 AM

Selective delection is Reqd for the below scenario?


Dear All,

Good day!!

Through, Process chains the daily delta load is running from DSO to CUBE.

For a field Sales Org, only selected data was loading. for eg: 9100.. etc. the Requirement changed later and the user asked for the "7072" sales Org data also.

hence in the start routine, the required changes are done and we could able to get the 7072 data records to the target ( only few records. I mean only the delta records of that particular day).

To get all the data of Sales Org 7072, i have selectively filled the set up tables and done the repair full request for (7072 sales org) to the DSO. it was successful. since its DSO, the already existing records are Overwritten.

Now, my doubt is since there are already few records available in the target CUBE. DO we have to do the Selective Deletion or no??

AS per my knowledge, i think we have to do the Selective deletion. but my team is telling its not required. could you please help me understand this???

thanks in Advance!!

Warm Regards,