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Jul 04, 2012 at 07:44 AM

Badi /SAPSLL/IF_EX_IFEX_MM0A_R3 - Purchase Documents -Create Partner


Hello Experts,

my problem is - for the purchase order we use not the partners - functions...

so i want to create them - when i start to transfer them to GTS.

here is my condig - doesent work - with the question - can someone sent me an coding which works.

Or wich fields must be filled.


DATA: wa_par TYPE LINE OF sllr3_api6800_hdr_par_r3_t.
DATA: lt_par TYPE sllr3_api6800_hdr_par_r3_t.


wa_par-partner_id = '0000014144' . "*= is a partner no. from the gts... doesent work

wa_par-partner_type = 'LF' .
"wa_par-partner_id = is_ekko-lifnr . "*= is a vendor from the erp... doesent work

* addr_no holen
SELECT SINGLE adrnr land1
FROM lfa1
INTO (wa_par-addr_no, wa_par-country)
WHERE lifnr = is_ekko-lifnr .

APPEND wa_par TO lt_par.
cs_hdr_cdoc-par[] = lt_par[] .