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Jul 04, 2012 at 07:33 AM

How to enable 'Don't Summarize' for chart value when using xsd file as dataset.


Hello Friends,

I have a chart which is getting its values form a .xsd DataSet created in VS 2010. (I am using CR 13 for VS 2010). the DataSet have two columns first is 'datetime' which is my conditional field and second is 'value' which is summarized field. 'datetime' is of System.DateTime type and 'value' is of System.Decimal type. I am binding this chart at runtime.

I want to use default value from 'value' field and do not want to summarize it. But the Don't Summarize option is disabled in Chart Expert.

Please tell me how can I enable this option and get default value for my field.

Thanks in advance.