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Jul 04, 2012 at 06:41 AM

Detail section height is not increasing according to contents when fields have top margin.


Hello Friends,

I have some fields in detail section is my report and these fields can have multiline data, so their can grow property is true. These fields have Top margin set to 150 twips. I also have line objects to separate my fields and create a tabular structure, all line objects have "Extend/Move to Bottom of Section when Printing" set to true.

My issue is that when I run the report with multiline data the output/layout get spoiled. The line objects increases beyond the limit. It looks like last record on first page continues to next page.

Following screen-shots can explain that to you:



I get the above output if I have top margin for fields that have multi line data. But if I remove top margin from them that I get fine output. Please see below screen-shot:

According to my requirement I have to give top margin to my fields. I am not getting the reason why CR is not counting top margin in detail section height and why it is dragging lines to beyond the limit.

Please tell me how I can resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Using Crystal Reports 13 for Visual Studio 2010


page1.png (33.2 kB)
page_2.png (42.0 kB)
secondoutput.png (26.8 kB)