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Jul 04, 2012 at 06:55 AM

Absence quota updation for Indian financial year(Apr. to Mar.)


Dear All,

The client scenario is total number of absence quota is 31 days for the Indian financial year i.e. from Apr. to mar..For 1st eleven months the the quota allotment is 2.5 days per month and for last month of the financial yr the quota will be 3.5 days.

With the help of Divya, Raja, Akula, Khaja and sujith, I'm able to wrote a pcr for the month of march which holds one day extra quota.

For rest of the month I configured the base entitlement constant as 30 days. So on that basis each month quota accrual is 2.5 days.

But I test the scenario with calendar year basis, the testing result was ok means, each month accrual is 2.5 days and till 31.12. 2012 the quota is 22.5 days and for jan. and feb. 2013 the quota is 5 days and for mar. 2013 the quota is 3.5 days.In total from jan. to Mar. 2013 the quota is 8.5 days.So in total it is 31 days from Apr. 2012 to Mar. 2013.

But when I'm trying to map the scenario with Indian scenario means quota deduction is from Apr. to Mar. it won't work. I did the following things

Using the period parameter as 67 i.e Monthly India.Assign that to the existing payroll area. generate Payroll period with period parameter 67, date modifier as 01 and from yr 01042009 to 2015.Assign that period parameter in base entitlement rule under other period option, assign the same in validity for deduction period and also in generation period. Using the same customized schema where i assigned my customized pcr as above. But the output I'm getting is very surprising i.e. the ABWKONTI details are as follows

30.04.2012: 30 days

31.12.2012: 270 days

31.03.2013: 91 days

Plz guide ...