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Jul 04, 2012 at 05:37 AM

sales BOM confusion


I am testing my BOM (ERLA process) configuration and wondering about few things.

1. Item 10 is the one I setup in CS01. Item 20 is the component of the BOM. I am wondering why I am automatically getting 228 as the quantity for item 20. See image below.

2. Am I suppose to get price on item 20? I thought when it is ERLA, price for the component will not be shown but on my image below, it has 50 as price.

3. Even before setting up my BOM, my item 10 is a regular material and it has price of 60. After setting it up as BOM, I still get 60 on the sales order but when I check the analysis of the pricing (see image below), I get 13,680 as the price. Why is it happening? I thought I should only get there 60 since it is the price of the item 10 that I setup on VK11.

what is wrong with my config? I did not do anything on the item category determination. Please help.


BOM.jpg (38.6 kB)
PRICING.jpg (94.9 kB)