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Jul 04, 2012 at 03:46 AM

Incorrect Backend Document Number in Shopping Cart


Hi All SRM Expert,

I need your advices for my issues on the backend document number in shopping cart

i am using SRM 701 version.

My situation is i created a shopping cart and subsequently i converted the shopping cart into SRM PO with SRM PO# 30xxxx1

and the PO is replicated from SRM to backend SAP ECC 6 with PO# 47xxxxx1

My issue,

1. when i view the tracking tab in SRM PO, the backend document number is empty

2. in shopping cart, the related documents tab, the backend document number for PO is showing 30xxxx1, where the actual backend PO# is 47xxxxx1

My questions are

1. the backend document number in SRM PO tracking tab is empty, is this correct?

2. how to solve the shopping cart showing the wrong backend PO#?



Mike Tan