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Jul 04, 2012 at 03:11 AM

rename datafile file not found error


hi experts,

I extended our tablespace by adding some datafiles.

1. Previously, my datafile is upto sr3_29 with filename SR3.DATA29.

When I added another datafile, I created directory sr3_30 and mistakenly named the datafile as SR3.DATA25 instead of SR3.DATA30. I already have that filename on my sr3_25 directory.

Am I going to have problems once the system uses the newly created SR3.DATA25? will it matter if there's a duplicate datafile on separate directory?

2. I tried to rename the datafile using the sql script alter tablespace <tablespace name> rename datafile 'old file' to 'new file';. It prompted me with error ORA-01141 - new file not found. It seems that the system was expecting an existing datafile.

Do I have to create a datafile with the correct filename on my directory sr3_30? then do the renaming?

Please suggest!

Thank you in advance!