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Jul 03, 2012 at 07:50 PM

ISU Over payments transfer between contract accounts


Hi Friends,

Moderator note - thread edited.
I have an issue with over payments in ISU.

I have written custom program to transfer payments between contract accounts.

Ex: I have a bill/Invoice with : 100.00--CA1

I made a payment of 300.00 to CA1.

then from custom program I want make transfer to CA2, CA3 with 150.00 each.

Written program like this:

a)first I am looking for available open items for CA1.
b)splitting open items into two 150's.

c)then calling FM FKK_TRANSFER_ITEMS_XBLNR and transferring items.

then this time I am not getting 300.00 .

and even for splitting.

Actual bill: 100
consumption bill : 120.00
payment : 300.00
available open item : 180.00

but I should not get reverse and reset the doucment: another open item with 120.00

now I have two open items : 120.00 & 180.00
but not 300.00 total amount.

now questions: are: how can i get 300.00 as an open item or how can I transfer to different accounts through a custom program.

Let me know if you need any more details.