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Former Member
Jul 03, 2012 at 08:44 PM

Can we have some sort of a Coffee Corner back again, please?


Every now and again I visit the "About SCN" space to see whether David Halitsky is still alive or Olivier Chretien has killed anyone, or, some smart person has spotted a silly ponits game before the mods did... ;-)

But no luck so far. It has fallen dead silent...

They are all still there I am sure but not posted anymore, and some big sport events even happened ⚠️ but I cannot find a "Coffee Corner" equivalent on the new SCN anymore.

Takes a lot of the charm out of it for me and I certainly miss it as well as the contact to other SAP folks outside of the usual "whats new" and "how does it work" discussions in the technical areas.

Anyone else feel the same way and would like to have a general banter and polite "sorry to agree with you" area / space again?

I would promise to contribute as well.. (the rats are back in the roof again and the missus wants a new kitchen... according to Otto a new kitchen means a new house as wrapper around it so I am interested in any SAP APIs to carpenters, electricians, etc. I heard that p_action 'D' with actvt '06' access is needed as well as some advanced BPM which is very disruptive. Some of the folks I know are now also married for the 3rd time because the first 2 houses didn't work out very well).

This makes me very scared: huge cultural gaps and potential for misunderstandings but no Coffee Corner..!! ;-)