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Former Member
Jul 03, 2012 at 06:33 PM

Availibility Time Planning Oddities


Hey Experts,

I have about 10 integrations built, pretty basic SBO -> BW integrations. All 10 are the same, just pointing at different servers. When I go to do the availability time planning, only about half of them work correctly. I have them all setup to run once a day for 9 minutes, and set them all up the same way. The issue is that when I save the time planning, some of them just start and never shut off. The log claims that its being ran due to the availibility time planning.

The process I follow:

  • Turn on automatic control
  • Enter time planning through the "Automatic" link on the communication channel
  • Create a new channel set for daily, fill out the times, and set to active
  • Add all communications to the exceptions list, then switch to explicit view and add in the channel I want.
  • Save the time planning

Like I said, this works for about half of them, but the other half just start running. I also notice that when I check the "Availibility Times" in the Communication Channel Monitor for these ones, that there are no dates there. Anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong?