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Jul 03, 2012 at 05:49 PM

Operation wise production, Rejection qty maintain - DI


Hi All,

We are following discrete industry with MTS(10) planning scenario. Our requirement is to maintain operation wise production and rejection qty maintenance. While doing operation confirmation through CO11N its shows yield and scrap qty. If we enter scrap qty its not an accounted as an scrap qty,not updated in stock its vanished. How to maintain these process then what is the standard report to view operation wise production rejection qty

Case1: we have 4 operations in an production order(FG), we have separate part no for each and every operation, how we can maintain production and rejection qty

case2: We have only one operation in an production order(FG/HALB), in this have how to maintain production , rejection qty are maintained

What will be procedure if the material is rejected( not in reuse)

What will be procedure if the material is as scrap( we can reuse)