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Jul 03, 2012 at 04:09 PM

Using service interfaces from the ESR: WS-RM



we are using sap process orchestration (PI+BPM). We have modeled a service interface in the ESR XI 3.0 compatible and imported it into the BPM to use it to define the start event. The process was deployed.

Now if we try to start a process instance by calling the respective service with soap ui it turns out that WS-RM is required to start the process. Browsing the wsdl files from soa manager in the nwa deeply nested in some policy file I find

<Policy wsu:Id="P2"><ExactlyOne><All><enableCommit>true</enableCommit><enableBlocking>false</enableBlocking><required>yes</required><enableWSRM>true</enableWSRM></All></ExactlyOne></Policy>

My questions are:

  • Why is the service defined to require WSRM?
  • How can I change that?
  • BPM runtime does not accept WS-RM 1.0 compliant requests from soap ui (error is "The value of wsrm:Identifier is not a known Sequence identifier."). Why? How does a valid Identifier look like?