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Jul 03, 2012 at 02:56 PM

Displaying Data using the Spreadsheet Table & Databases


Greetings all,

Thank you in advance for any answers to this question.

This question is about the capabilities of Xcelsius. After watching this video: I created a similar selector tool that displays select data from a spreadsheet and it works fine.

Using this methodology, it seems you have to select a very specific set of fields in your source data sheet to display that fall under a set of criteria. It also seems that you have to select enough reference cells in the source data sheet to accomodate however many number of entries you will display. I understand this works for a static spreadsheet of data.

However, if you are using a data source such as an external database instead, does Xcelsius have the capability to read the entire database for rows of data that only meet a certain criteria? If referencing a database I imagine I won't be selecting "fields" per se.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thank you!