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Jul 03, 2012 at 01:36 PM

How to stop a job with frequency of 1 hr - after a time period ?



Greetings. Am not that much familiar with BASIS activity and hence would appreciate if someone can help me on this.

Job Schedule : with Frequency - and No start after time - does not work ?

We have a job A, running at frequency of 1 hr.

I want to stop this job after 7 am tomorrow.

When i scheduled the job as frequency 1 hr, and No Start after 4.7.2012 7.00 am.

I checked this for testing purpose on a dev environment, with a frequency of 10 min and i found that,

the job keeps running as per frequency, and the time of NO Start, gets postponed after each run.

When i tried to understand the behaviour, it looks like,

when you put the frequency, No start after, does not make sense.

But we have a job running beyond midnight.

But after wards after 7 am, we would not like this job to run.

How do i make the system understand this.

Although i agree that we could manually make the job status from released to schedule and job will stop.

Can anyone help me do this. So that we dont have to manually intervene for routine schedules.

Many Thanks


ps ; got to know it is not possible to automate a job to stop which has been set to run at a frequency.

and No start after - is meant only for that particular job.

and it is not meant to be used for the purpose stated.