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Jul 03, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Loading error From ECC to Bw in one packet


Hi Guru

When i am loading the data for 0INSP_LOT_TEXT through process chain (DS for 0INSP_LOT_TEXT is in 7.0 Version) i got an error in the system for 1 or 2 of Data Package like "Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : 2nd processing step not yet finished ", status is yellow which become red because of timeout after 7hr. this is one example this problem sometime occurs with other master also.

There are around 20 Data Packages, and i am getting the same message in the monitor for only 1 or 2 rest are green.

One Solution that we to currently doing is to repeat the data load for that Datasource through the repeat option in process chain but as there is around 40Lac record and to repeat the dataload is time taking job as we are loading data through process chain, so we have to repeat that through process chain next morning.

1. In 3.x flow there was option to repeat 1 Data Packet(error packet) out of n Data Packet but in 7 this option is not there please can any one help me to do the following in 7.0 flow.

2. Please help how to permanently fix this issue