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Jul 03, 2012 at 09:42 AM

split workflow archiving to 2 seperate folders


for archiving workflow I have created 2 archivingobjects ZWFLOW_SLM and ZWFLOW_FICO to seperate the 2 workflows in the archiving to 2 different folders (since there is a big difference in the duration that workflows must be accessible and the slm workflows are much bigger in diskspace and need to be cleaned up after a while)

which are a copy of the archiving object workitem.

they use the same program WORKITEM_WRI but in the programm is hardcoded that the archiving object workitem is used ?


PERFORM standard_opt_writeprg_atoutput USING 'WORKITEM'.

is there an easy way or procedure to solve this problem, or is there a reason that it is not allowed to use different archiving objects for workflow ?

the only sollution I can think of is to copy the program for each new archivingobject and hardcode it into the new programs but I hope there is a different sollution.

kind regards