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Jul 02, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Report layout get spoiled with multiline data.


Hello Friends,

My report's layout get spoiled after setting "Can Grow" property (Fileds) and "Extend To Bottom Of Section" property (line) to true.

Here is the description of my report and the issue.

I have a report with a sub report at report footer section. I am using Crystal Report 13 for Visual Studio 2010. Some fields and lines for main report are dynamic and added using code (RAS .NET SDK).

In my reports some fields have multi line data. To manage that I decided to set "EnableCanGrow" property for each field objects and "Enable Extend To Bottom Of Section" property for each line object to True.

But after using this the layout get completely spoiled. When fields have single line data the layout looks fine, and if it have 2 or 3 lines the half part of some records displays on first page and half on next page.

When field have data which is more then 3 lines it adds extra rows at the bottom of the detail section.

I also tried to set Visible record numbers but it is also work when data is not too long. All the process which I have described above is creating a mess and because I am getting following problems:

1. The structure for detail section get spoiled and shows one record in tow pages in two parts (for both main and sub reports).

2. I also get line breaks between random records.

3. When my sub report have single line data ... the layout look fine but it does not display last or closing line of the report at the end of the page, but I can see it when I open sub report individual.

Below screen shots can show 1st and 2nd issue:

And this will show 2rd issue:

I am not getting the reason, why the layout get spoiled. Why it works fine with single line data and become a mess with multiline data.

Please help me and guide me what should I do. 😔

Thanks in advance.


page1.png (34.1 kB)
page_2.png (57.7 kB)
sub_report.png (34.6 kB)