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Jul 01, 2012 at 02:00 PM

Physical Inventory In Process Industry- problem


Ours is a process industry.

Each month we have to do physical inventory of few materials. For carrying out physical inventory we cannot put posting block due to organizational reasons.

I have done the settings for adjust book inventory in spro--> MM-->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory-->Physical Inventory-->Settings for Physical Inventory, where I have set the indicator 1-Active, if same date the phys. inv. was before goods mvt.

But I donot see this effect in testing.

Stock in MB52 for material X= 10 pcs

PI Document created, freeze book inventory selected. Posting block not selected.

Meantime GR posted for 1 pcs.

Stock in MB52 for material X = 11pcs

User counted the stock as 11pcs, enters the count in system and submits the count sheet to Audit department.

Audit deptt executes MI20/MI07 where it showed book inventory as 10 pcs and counted as 11 pcs, inventory difference are posted.

Stock in MB52 is now 12pcs.

This has resulted in increase in stock which is not the case.

Where I am going wrong, what is the use of this settings then. I read in SAP help that indicator take care of this type of cases.

Please advice what is the correct way to handle my sceanrio. I have already done so much testing, ever time the results are not what sap help say and what we expected out of this setting.