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Jul 01, 2012 at 03:23 AM

Cannot start Oracle TNSListener service after upgrading


Hi All,
Yestoday, we upgraded Oracle from to on PI QAS
system 'XQ1' under WINDOWS 64-bit platform.
When we were running,there comes a warning "the
database is running on",please check the attachment '01-oracle
version 10203'.However,we are sure that it's version is
Then,we ingored the warning and continued,please check the
attachment '02-continue to upgrade'.
During the upgrading procedure,we encounted a warning "table or view
doesnot exist',please check the attachment '03-ORA-00942 table or view
does not exist' and '04-Oracle_Server log file'.And,we ignored and
After the upgrading,the upgrade result displayed successful
upgrading from to,please check the attachment '05-
upgrade result' ,'06-upgrade result' and '07-upgrade result'.
When running "lsnrctl start' to create TNSListener service in post-
upgrade steps,we cannot start the TNSListener service,please check the
attachment '08-Create TNSListener service','09-TNSListener service
cannot start' and '10-Start Listener with 'lsnrctl start''.

Today,we rebooted the Windows server and found the TNSListener
service can start.However,we start the sap instance using SAP MMC.There
comes an issue "disp+work.EXE of java instance stopped",please check
the attachment ’11-java instance cannot start‘.
Then,we rebooted the Windows server and found the TNSListener server
cannot start again,please check the attachment '09-TNSListener service
cannot start'.

Who can help me?Thanks in advance!

Best regards,