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Jun 29, 2012 at 09:07 PM

Invoicing Plan - checking the "in advance" button



Does anyone know what checking the in advance button on an invoicing plan (within the PO ) actually does? I've tried to test it by checking it on and off for a period invoicing plan, but am not seeing any differences...

The field name I'm talking about within the invoicing plan button is FPLA-AUTTE, and the help description is below - I really just want to understand what this functionality does when checked on and off... I'm reading it as it will create the invoice document in advance for the next month regardless of the date, but when i run MRIS for a date in the future no selectable items are found (Regardless if its on or off).

Billing/Invoice Creation in Advance


If this field is activated in Customizing, then the invoice is created in advance.

In the standard, this fiedl is not activated. I.e., the invoice is created retrospectively.


The 'in advance' setting could be used to calculate monthly rent for a device a month in advance over given period.