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Jun 29, 2012 at 08:48 PM

QALITY02 idoc with 856 ASN inbound


HI Gurus,

can anyone please throw some more light from a procedural standpoing on how the QALITY02 IDOC will do from a process standpooint. One of our plants wants the ASN and the inspection results from the supplier. the supplier will send this to us, no problem here. But this plant does not do Quality inspection in SAP. Now if i think about it what good is the EDI file that comes with test results and does not do anything in SAP. So my question here is, after the 863 - Qality02 idoc is posted in SAP, what would be its logical next step, creation of inspection lot? creation of inspection characteristics? If creation of inspection lot is the logical step then we are almost talking about that the plant should start doing Quality inspection in SAP?

I guess if i have confused too much, what i'm after is for example we know the logical next step of inbound 856 ASN is the creation of inbound delviery, similarly what is the next logical step of posting QALITY02 IDOC to SAP?