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Jun 29, 2012 at 05:06 PM

GR-Based Invoice Verification Ind - how to set on PO item which has a GR and LIV



I want to start using evaluated receipt settlement (ERS) for new and existing purchase orders. E.G. on purchase order line items which have been partly receipted, and invoiced to the value of the receipt.

I have set the 'GR-Based Inv verif'' indicator 'AutoEvalGRSetmtDel' indicator on the vendor master record, which has made the 'ERS' indicator on the PO line items to be visible and editable. However the 'GR-Based Invoice Verification' indicator remains non editable. I have tried to set the indicator on using the mass maintenance transaction - MEMASSPO, but have not been sucessful.

Apart from creating a new item on the PO, or reversing the exisint invoice and goods receipt, is there any way I can update this indicator?

Many Thanks

Claire Crosby-Clarke