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error while creating a repository for Data service


I want to installa a Dataservice on a linux server without installaing a BOE.

so i first installaed an IPS isntan,aces with Tomcat and Sybase anyxhere DB.

Then i create a DB called DS_REPO as mentioned in the installation procedure but when i come to the repository creation i couldnt proceed further because it always displays thet i have invalid information even though i am sur about the information i entered.

Repository name for CMS registry
[Repo_bod-test1                                              ]
Specify SQL Anywhere Driver version [12,16,17]
[16  ]
Specify the full path name of the SQL Anywhere ODBC driver file.
[                                                          ]
Driver name
[DEFAULT                                                     ]
Database server name
[bod-test                                                 ]
Database port
[2638  ]
Database name
[DS_REPO                                                     ]
User ID
[DBA                                                         ]
[ *********                                                   ]

I dont receive any explicit error to verify.

then i said that i will continue the installation without configuration and i will do it in the management console as follows

but there i got the following error:

There is a problem to connect to repository : [invalid repository (BODI-3015004). ERROR : SQL Anywhere ERROR-141: Table 'AL_VERSION' not found]

the process of the databse is the following:

sapips    2787     1  1 16:16 ?        00:00:15 dbsrv16 -gk all -n BI4_1483094525 -x tcpip(port=2638;DoBroadcast=NO;BroadcastListener=NO) /usr/sap/sqlanywhere/database/BI4_CMS.db /usr/sap/sqlanywhere/database/BI4_Audit.db /usr/sap/sqlanywhere/database/DS_REPO.db -hn 5

The SAP note 2052985 describes the same error for 4.2 SP2 but i am using the version 4.2 SP08.

the odbc.ini file is the followinf:

[ODBC Data Sources]
BI4_CMS_DSN_1483094525=SQLAnywhere 16.0
BI4_Audit_DSN_1483094525=SQLAnywhere 16.0


Driver=/usr/sap/sqlanywhere/lib64/libdbodbc16.soThank you for any help,


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