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Former Member
Jun 29, 2012 at 05:14 AM

Sales quantity update in CO-PA


Hi there,

We're implementing Sales BOMs and we're having trouble getting the sales quantity field (VBRP-FKIMG) to populate the COPA value field ABSMG. Assignments were made in SD config T-code KE4M where FKIMG is assigned to value field ABSMG. We are NOT resetting the qty in KE4W so it appears this part of the SD config is ok. All other SD billing docs post quantities to CO-PA without any problems. The only issue we appear to be having is with the Sales BOM.

The way we've configured the sales BOM is that the cost price of the components roll up to the Sales BOM header in COPA through some settings on the item category in SD (I'm not an SD consultant by the way). From a value perspective this is all working fine, Condition VPRS is posting cost of sales for all components to the BOM header in COPA. Revenue is also flowing through ok. Only the quantity is not updating. VBRP-FKIMG has a value.

Can somebody help? Are we missing some configuration or have we set a flag somewhere where we specifically exclude quantity updates for Sales BOM's in COPA?

Your help is very much appreciated!