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Jun 28, 2012 at 09:51 AM

PDF output of PO form in BG is displaying garbage characters


Hi experts,

I have created smart form in EN language and added terms and condition as include text in this.

The print preview for BG is displayed ok but when I try to convert it to pdf (using pdf! command) .The include text content is displayed as garbage characters.


I have applied custom style(created in se72 style) to include text in SO10.

Style: paragraph formats

B Courier Bold 9.0 font size

P1 courier normal 9.0 font size.

In smartform,

I have applied para. format L9 Courier normal and justified to this include text.

The headers in include text have para. format as B which are properly displayed(in print preview and pdf also)

and other text in so10 have para. format as *(default) for which it is showing garbage characters.(but it is justified)

When i applied para. format P1 to other text in SO10 its is displayed in BOLD in print preview and pdf also but not justified(though it is normal courier how it is coming i dont hav any idea) and its fine.(All this para. formats I applied in SO10 by changing the style of std. text).

Please help why the garbage characters are printing in PDF for BG.Is there any paragraph format problem??