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Jun 28, 2012 at 02:13 AM

Issue when posting Time Quota Compensation


I am posting a Time Quota Compensation via FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION.

I am populating structure p0416 with all relevant values.

The issue is with field NUMBR (Quota Number Compensated).

It has a value of 1.00000 in structure p0416 when I call FM FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. Line 320 of this FM has the following code:


When the move takes place; the value in final internal tab PROPOSED_VALUES is right-justified.

When the FM executes, I get the following message:

"Records without compensation amount not saved"

I call FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION with dialog_mode = '2'.

The field field NUMBR (Quota Number Compensated) is blank, hence the error message.

I suspect when the move takes place, it should be left-justified. Not 100% sure.

Question: why is the field blank although it has a value but right-justified?

Thanks in advance for advice/assistance.