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Former Member
Jun 27, 2012 at 12:29 PM

Field in infoset do not show the text, only the key


Hi experts,

We have created a Z table with two fields:

1) ZID -> Is the PK of the record

2)ZTXT -> Is the text description

After, we have created a new infotype 9003 (tables, structures, etc. ) . The table PA9003 has the field ZID which is a foreign key to the Z table we created.

After creating all the objects necessaries for the new infotype (dynpro, modulpool, ...) we want create a new infoset to allow queries of this new infotype 9003.

At infoset, the field added ZID only shows the Identifier, but is not possible show the description or both identifier and description.

I have released that other foreign keys in the new table, if they are standar like fields WERKS, BTRTL, ... for the new infotype are working fine, but not the foreigns keys to my Z table (field ZID).

What should I modify to allow in the new infoset the description field and the identifier?

Kind regards,