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Jun 27, 2012 at 08:39 AM

Doubts about the usefulness of SCC7 & BDLS after client copy (and database copy)


Hello all,

I've a doubt about the usefulness of BDLS and SCC7 after a client copy.

Case 1: after a local client copy, I don't need to convert old logical system. No problem here.

Case 2: after a client between 2 differents systems (PRD 100 & QAS (client 100 & 200) by SCC8 and STMS import:

- copy from PRD 100 to QAS 100: the client 100 in connected to the BI BWQ 100: it is not recommanded to do a client copy coz you will lost the synchonization between R3 & BI (possible but you have to reload datas from R3 to your BI: this can be a very long post-operation).

- copy from PRD 100 to QAS 200: client is not connected to the BI. You have to convert old logical systems entries.

-> My question: is it useful to do a BDLS AND a SCC7

-> Same question with after a reimport of users after the copy ?

Some people seems think that only a SCC7 is useful. Other people, think that the BDLS AND SCC7 are necessary (in particular for the BI conversion even if this client is not connected to the BI: BWQ).

Case 3: same problematic for an homogeneous database copy.

Thanks a lot.