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Jun 26, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Swift Integration Package for PI



I'm trying to configure the PI File Adapter to process the attached example inbound FIN files.

I know very little about Swift messages, but I have tried both adapter modules localejbs/swift/FINConversionToSWIFTModule and localejbs/swift/FINConversionFromSWIFTModule with a standard PI File Adapter, with no joy.

With localejbs/swift/FINConversionToSWIFTModule, I get error ' Parameter sender reference is missing'

With localejbs/swift/FINConversionFromSWIFTModule, I get error ' Message does not start with character '0x1f'

Can anyone please make a suggestion on how I can process these files through PI and into ECC6 system?

Thanks in advance.