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Jun 26, 2012 at 02:06 PM

How delta works for write optimized DSO?


Dear experts,

I have a data flow which is from a standard DSO A to a write optimized DSO B, and I set write optimized DSO B's DTP as delta.

1. During the delta loading, DSO B will read from A's change log table, correct?

2. Because write optimized DSO only has one active table, and each entry is unique, if I keep feeding this DSO B to other DSO's, let's say DSO C, how can DSO C determine which entry is the most recent one?

For example, in DSO B I have below 2 entries with same semantic key but different tecnical key:


DTPR_1 0001 1 001

DTPR_2 0001 1 001

While loading from DSO B to DSO C, will DSO C read both entries or only the entry in the most recent request?

If I write a abap program to read DSO B's active table, what will happen? both entries will be fetched or only the most recent one?

3. If I set a filter in DSO B's delta DTP, this filter will act on the change log during the loading, correct?

For example, if I set filter: ORDER NUMBER = 001 in the delta DTP, then during the delta loading DSO B will only read DSO A's change log table whose ORDER NUMBER = 001. Correct?

Those are all the questions I come up so far, any post will be appreciated, and thank you all for your time in advance!

Best regards,