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Jun 26, 2012 at 01:39 PM

SAP support for Dataguard Fast Start Failover (FSFO)


Hi experts,

I'm building a Dataguard test environment to validate if it is possible to have a configuration where:

  1. Clients (SAP AS) can automatically switch to the active server (master or standby) using TAF (Transparent Application Failover)
  2. Failover can be automatic using FSFO (Fast Start Failover)

Option 1 seems to be validated by SAP (1431241 - RAC with TAF) for RAC, thus should be ok with Dataguard.

This has already be documented by Kjell Erik Furnes in this great POC: HA SAP on Oracle DataGuard

I'm just a bit concerned about the problem with the FAILOVER_MODE option set to PRECONNECT that is according to Kjell making failover quicker but is not compatible with R3trans (should use BASIC mode as stated in note 562403 - FAQ: Oracle Net)

For option 2 I did not find any 'official' information from SAP.

Note 105047 - Support for Oracle functions in the SAP environment tells that the Data Guard Broker is supported but I did not find any information about FSFO except Oracle documentation Oracle White Paper—Setting up Oracle 11g Data Guard for SAP customers (page 8).

So is FSFO fully supported/validated by SAP?

Does anybody ever use FSFO + TAF?

Thanks for you feedback,

Best Regards