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Jun 26, 2012 at 12:36 PM

How to propagate the client username, password to SAP BAPI wih SUP 2.1.3


Hi Experts,

I'm a beginner of SUP MBO and Workflow Development in SUP 2.1.3.

It's possible to call SAP BAPI by SUP with fixed username and password

which are same as the development time.

in this case transaction was done by the same user in SAP at any time.

but I want to do is to propagate username and password which are enterd in workflow screen to SUP

and to be done for each transaction by each SAP account.

The following is a procedure was developed and deployed In brief.

1, create MBO, and set the data source definition page, in the Runtime Data Source Credential section for BAPI and Workflow.

2, create screens with Client-initiated and Credential Request.

3, set menu item in screen of Credential Request, which has type submit workflow.

4, deploy MBO and Workflow.

The referenced document is

”Propagating a Client's Credentials to the Back-end Data Source in Developer Guide: Mobile WorkflowPackages”.

I appreciate your help.

Best Regards