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Dec 30, 2016 at 12:01 PM

Add new custom tab in IW31,IW32 & IW33 next to enhancement tab.


Hi Abapers,

I need to create a custom tab (which will contain 15 fields) and place it next to enhancement tab in IW31/IW32/IW33. In enhancement tab there is already one previous implementation which is running in production hence i cannot use enhancement tab for my enhancement requirement. So i want to add a new tab which needs to be placed next to enhancement tab for my requirement. Please someone help me with this. I do not know whether it is possible or not to add custom tab next to enhancement tab. If its possible then is there any exit/badi to achieve this. Please someone share with me the detailed steps how i can achieve this. In me21n multiple custom tabs are possible but not quite sure whether it is possible in IW32.

Note: Deleted my previous post with same question.