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Jun 25, 2012 at 06:14 AM

delta data transfer from a analytical view


I am having a requirement , where I have to read from a HANA analytical/calculation view and dump the results to a external database . the analytic view feeds off tables connected to ECC via SLT .

Thus I have to do delta writes ( have not decided yet , but perhaps will use data services SQL transform) to the external data base.

How do I do it. since views are "on demand" i,e does not have any persistancy , I cannot put a column with a flag. I do not want to write the entire contents of a view to another table in HANA ( might get as many as 250 million rows ) where I can add a column for a flag.

what are some other efficient elegant ways of doing this .

PS : Database tables dont have any order , so I dont think I can do this .. have data services run every 15 min , and at each run it does a count and stores a count to a tables . after 15 min it takes that count as an input and does a current count , and then do a 'select last (count(t1)- count(t2)) * from xxxx