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Jun 23, 2012 at 10:44 PM

odbc MySQL 5.1 driver causes CR 2011 to crash/stop working



I recently installed the odbc MySQL 5.1 driver for use with CR 2011 ( I can connect to my datasource fine, however, when I attempt to add tables to a report it causes CR to stop working and closes. I can add some tables successfully but most tables I cannot. Also, when I attempt to Set Datasource Location on reports to this new driver/datasource some update successfully but many cause CR to stop working. This might be due to the same issue that the driver doesn't like certain tables. The tables are fine as I've been reporting against them fine for a year (using jdbc MySQL driver). I am in the midst of moving my database to a windows server so need the odbc MySQL driver.

It looks like tables that do not have an underscore in their name work fine. Tables that have an underscore but are also 13 characters or less in length also work. If a table is 14 characters or more with an underscore in it then CR stops working.

I was able to add tables via a sql select statement using "Add Command" but I still cannot add the table directly.

Is there a fix for this driver in order for it to work with CR 2011 or do I need to find an earlier version of the odbc MySQL driver?