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Jun 22, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Release Strategy not triggered in PO



I have configured the Release Strategy for PO in our client system with the characteristics of Company Code & Total Order Value

Reference for both characteristics is taken from CEKKO structure fields, BUKRS & GNETW.

When I create the PO and check or save it, the Release Strategy does not gets determined, instead of my PO having these 2 minimum fields filled in it.

To check the same, I verified the values appearing in CL24N, for each release strategy & also cross checked my release strategy in CL30N.

In CL30N, the my release strategy defined for the PO gets determined correctly.

But in ME21N, the PO does not gets the release strategy determined.

Request you to kindly help & provide solutions in such a case, where i have done all the basic settings & checks done as above.

Thanks for your help and time,