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Jun 22, 2012 at 02:28 PM

ASE parameter optimization for R3load import


Hello ASE experts,

since I'm currently trying to import a multi TB database into ASE (using heterogeneous migration/R3load), I'm wondering if there's any guidance on how to optimize it, like memory parameters etc.

I couldn't find anything in the SAP Notes, or in SCN.

What I was thinking so far is that the data cache should be much larger than initially set be SAPINST, like (for my 64GB machine):

1> sp_configure ‘max memory’,25000000

2> go

1> sp_cacheconfig 'default data cache', '40g'

2> go

Looks to run little bit faster. Obvious however is also the high CPU consumption by ASE, and compression is enabled by default.

Creation of indexes does also not seem to be very fast - not sure if we could increase the memory area for sorts.

So any hints or comments in that area, any other experience?