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Batch determination in delivery auto determine batch already scheduled

Dec 30, 2016 at 10:10 AM


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I have a scenario where I create 2 sales order (1000003529&1000003530) with Material A of 30 pc. After which, I created 1 delivery order for Sales Order 1000003529 for 30 pc of Material A. The batch determination will auto determine Batch 00000342 for Material A. This batch 00000342 only has 30 pc of unrestricted quantity.

After which, I created another delivery for another Sales Order 1000003530 for 30 pc of Material A. The batch that is determined is also the same Batch 00000342. This should not be the case as it is already allocated in the first delivery order that I have created. Batches already scheduled for delivery are being proposed as still available. The correct behaviour should be that no batch are determined as it is already assigned to another delivery order.

I have already set up the sort rule & the availability check for it.

I have checked multiple forums and questions regarding that and I have seen no conclusion to it.

Does anyone have any idea on it?

If in the worse case scenario, we would probably do an enhancement to rectify this.

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Show screenshots from your setup

And also make use of the various buttons to analyze the strategy and the selection in the delivery.

An enhancement is certainly not needed as thousands of companies can do it without enhancement.

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1 Answer

Craig S
Dec 30, 2016 at 07:46 PM

On the first delivery what is the status of the delivery? Is it showing as fully picked and ready for delivery?

I believe the issue is that you haven't completed enough steps in the delivery following the batch determination to remove the stock from available unrestricted inventory. I believe it should show up in the "Scheduled for delivery" column of your MMBE screens.

Consult with an SD specialist. I believe that until the stock no longer shows in unrestricited inventory, it will be available in batch determination.

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