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Jun 22, 2012 at 07:57 AM

Message Packaging : PI 7.11


Hi Experts ,

I am currently working on implementing Message Packaging solution for certain interface in PI 7.11 in our project . The interface for which we are trying to implement this functionality is normal ( SOAP -> PI -> Proxy ) scenario where in we are trying to package messages based on sender interface and sender component.

We have followed all the steps as per the SAP help documentation for Message Packaging , but we are facing issues when we analyse the way messages are getting packaged while monitoring in package monitoring . The count of messages triggered into PI never match the number of messages going into the user defined package created for the specific interface .

Please guide me if anyone has faced similar issue or if I need do some more some additonal configuration which I have missed .

I have followed the following steps :

STEP 1: Packaging Enabled at run-time

STEP 2: Defining User Defined Package – TEST

Wait Time : 30 secs

Number Of Messages : 5

STEP 3: I defined Sender ID in SXMSIF - TESTPET

Sender Component : 1234_XYZ_SAPXXX_DEV

Sender Service : PPO_Async_Out_V01

Sender Namespace : http://XYZ/services/ ABC

STEP 4: Associating Sender ID with the Package in SXMS_BCONF

Selecting Inbound Processing from Request Package on IS

Double Click on Specific Package configuration – Create new entry associating the Package with the Sender ID

Test Steps:

Messages Total Count : 10 ( Outbound Sender PI Protocol – SOAP ) messages triggered

Step 2 : t-code – XMSPKSTATMON

Execute the package monitoring transaction to view the messages ( 10 different messages ) within the same time frame when they were processed in PI

step 3 :

The number of messages packaged into the Package TEST has not got the matching count of 10 messages visible in the monitoring ( sxmb_moni ) .

Unfortunately I am unable to attach the screenshots .

Thanks & Regards

Nishant Kumar Singh