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Jun 22, 2012 at 07:21 AM

Bypassing Buffering technique in sel. query


Dear All,

while fetching the data from few tables its taking time , so i'm using bypassing buffer tech. (ex.SELECT RUECK RMZHL BUDAT WERKS GMNGA LMNGA XMNGA AUFPL APLZL AUFNR VORNR
FROM AFRU INTO TABLE IT_AFRU BYPASSING BUFFER ) so the query is some more fast shall i apply for all tables. if yes means then that time that table buffering techniques wil be switched on or not require . see the below screen shot

this is for afru table . Here buffering is not allowed then also if i write bypassing buffering query in select statement it will work or not is my doubt.

can any body elaborate this query.




pastedImage_5.png (36.7 kB)