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Jun 21, 2012 at 10:30 PM

Proxy data type XSDDATETIME_Z from XSD datetime


Hello all, I am a PI configuration resource and do not know about ABAP so I am coming here for some insight.

I have created a Proxy using a WSDL for the end point. The WSDL uses a datetime datatype.

This datatype is converted to a XSDDATETIME_Z in the proxy which is a DEC 15 type.

My ABAP resource says that is not a valid format for him to use for a date time. He wants me to make a custom copy of the WSDL and change to a STRING then use a mapping to get the Proxy data into the inbound message format.

I am not in agreement as I believe the format would not exist in ABAP if it wasn't useful. He says there is no conversion routine for this data type.

Can you help me educate him on how to populate this field with ABAP code? Or is he correct that I should setup a different format for the proxy?

Thank you kindly,

Tadd Bryan