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Jun 21, 2012 at 01:04 PM

Variable substitution xpath problem



I am using variable substitution to change the filename in the receiver file adapter.

I have defined three variables:

sender : payload:Invoice,1,AccountingSupplierParty,1,Party,1,PartyLegalEntity,1,CompanyID,1

receiver : payload:Invoice,1,AccountingCustomerParty,1,Party,1,PartyLegalEntity,1,CompanyID,1

invoice : payload:Invoice,1,ID,1

In the XML payload the values for sender is 100050, the value for receiver is 310000 and the invoice is 6000000010.

I want the filename to look like this:


which should be 100050_310000_6000000010.xml in this case.

However the filename created is 310000_310000_6000000010.xml

The receiver number occurs twice and also in the position of the sender. Seems like there is a mix up between AccountingSupplierParty and AccountingCustomerParty. Anyone know why this happens and what one could do to solve it?

Btw, the mapping is xslt so not so easy to do ASMA.