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Jun 21, 2012 at 06:28 AM

Preventive Maintenance Schedule is not processing


Hi Friends,

Am facing a problem in Preventive Maintenance Scheduling...

1. I have created a strategy(IP11)

Now in IP11, i have created 3 packages with hierarchy 1,2,3.

2. I have created tasklist assigning the strategy(IA01)

Now in IA01, i have given maintenance package.

3. I have created plan using strategy and tasklist(IP42)

Now in IP42, i have given Call horizon as 95%, Scheduling indicator as Time,

Scheduling period as 1Yr and i have not ticked completion requirement.

4. I have scheduled plan(IP10)

Now in IP10, i have given plan no. and i gave start.

Then the schedule is created with plan date and call date.

My problem:

Order is generating for the first call date, but for the remaining call date it was not generating the order.

Automatic order generation is not happening.

please guide me.